A few recent reviews -- 2007

        Dick Deluxe, Redondo Beach, CA --
Was fortunate to receive a care package from Moses O (I'm doing my mailing Friday to the folks who sent stuff-thanks!).
Wow! He's definitely proof that there's talent hiding all over the place. As one who is always whining about the decline of vocational skill it's a real treat to hear live tracks from a band in which everyone plays their asses off!
At first when I saw the song titles I was leery as they are mostly blues standards but these guys are so good and put such a cool spin on everything I was sold right away.
No wonder he's called Moses -- this guy has the voice of God thing going -- a combo of Frank Zappa's speaking and David Clayton Thomas singing! And he's a hell of a guitar cat as well.
The whole band are groove monsters, and during the CD there's intro's where Moses mentions it's jam night, and I'm thinking, I wish to hell one of the jams around here had such a monster band to play with!  I'd be licking my chops ready for that chance!
At any rate if you are anywhere near Famous Dave's definitely get in there and check Moses and his crew out -- very top notch, funky, experienced pros having a lot of fun and killing!!!!!!

        River City Slim, New Hartford, CT --
I'm glad I didn't see this in a store, because I might have passed on it completely, after reading the track list -- these are live covers of well-worn tunes. But they're not just any covers -- Moses O brings his own thing to every track, with smokin' guitar and intense vocals. The band is tight, making every note count, with no overplaying anything, no grandstanding of any kind. Tight, tough, no-frills Blues -- just the way God intended.

        Rene Malines, Paris, France --
Very fun funky blues, tight band, very good sharp guitar, and a powerful voice that would scare the sh.. heck out of me if it wasn't labelled "enjoyment"!  A very personnal approach to the blues, deep, intense, with crazy guitar licks and an incredible voice to boot ! Man, I love your singing!