Monday Blues Jam: R.I.P.

photo by: Jo Baecker

The Blues Saloon Monday Jam is now a fond memory.  As of February, 2000 there will be no more Monday night jams at the Blues Saloon.  In fact, there is no more Blues Saloon.  The format of the bar, including the name, has been totally overhauled.  The place is now called "Lucy's," and it ain't no blues bar no more.  Monday Blues heartily thank all of our former members, the jammers, the bartenders, waitresses and all of the other people who came to the jam and made it such a great place to be - every Monday for thirteen years.

The band, through the years:

  • Guitar: Buzzy Linhart, Dan Neale, Rich Roo, Moses Oakland
  • Bass: Jim Anton, Mike Patrick, Andy Olson, David Wynne, David (Biscuit) Miller, Michael Davis, Bob Scoggin, Donnell (Papa D) Woodson, Charles Fletcher
  • Drums: Rob Stupka, Garf Crimmins, Randall Pye
  • Harmonica: Joe Savage (on pedal steel guitar, too) - Stevie Ray Rentfrow
  • Saxophone: Merlin (Bronco) Brunkow, Paul Strickland
  • Trumpet: Larry Foen, Greg Haugesag

  • A couple of guys who, while never "official" (paid) members of the band, helped us out ENORMOUSLY:

  • Jeremy Johnson - guitar
  • Doug Sprinthal - guitar
  • Abram Shapiro - keyboards
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