"A picture is worth a thousand words, but a song is worth a thousand pictures..."
Rick O'Dell (We miss you, Brother.)

That nice arty shot from Blues on the Range, 2001

Gary Hoyt's Fourth of July Barbecue & Jam: 2001

Rochester Blues Festival: August 11, 2001

Playing with Cool Disposition at Neumann's: 8/17/01

 Blues Alley - December 29, 2001

Jammin' with the Famous Dave's Mascot: May, 2002

The Sunday Jam Hosts: July 21 and August 25, 2002

The Backstreet Pub: November 21, 2002

New Year's Eve '02/'03 at the Backstreet Pub

The Hambone Blues Jam, Austin Minn. July 3, 2004

The Hambone Blues Jam, Austin, MN July 2, 2005

The Sunday Jam Hosts, November 12, 2006

Look who we got to play with!  July 31, 2011

Miscellaneous pix from the past (Not up yet, but someday...)